Sylvia Plath

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Sylvia Plath – Monologue at 3am…

Written in 1956, powerful poem with some vivid, striking imagery, This poem is about loneliness, resolution, anger and determination and the strength to decide what’s wrong and what she has to do to avoid falling into madness. She has to be honest, to reflect in her words the violent passion of her emotions.

(Illustration by John Rose)


C R Avery

This guy is just awesome…he did a gig for us at The Shell House Gallery up the road and was incredible…beatboxing, banjo, blues and beat poetry.  Check out his records, poems and paintings – I love his album ‘Chainsmoking Blues’. 

Here’s a sample from his book ‘Some Birds Walk For The Hell Of It’…

As I grabbed my suitcase

your desk played a silent note

like a diamond earring dangling from a peasant girl

pretending to be a princess

or a tv on mute

glowing with the historic images

of those black leather pioneers of rap

or a photograph of my grandfather, who I never knew.

From ‘Mantelpiece Locomotive by C R Avery